Tender Co. was founded by William Kroll. After designing for the legendary Japanese denim brand Evisu, Kroll returned home to England to found the company in 2009. The garments are heavily inspired by the Great British Steam Age, and the workwear that built the railways. Every piece is made to be tough enough for the rigors of rail work. 

Tender Co. is set apart by the ingenious use of dyes. Almost every piece is naturally dyed—a painstaking process that can take up to a day for one individual piece. The dyes come largely from plants and other natural materials that can be found growing in the wild in England: such as logwood, woad to even more unconventional dye materials such as turmeric and carrot. With a steadfast adherence to English manufacturing, and Kroll's unflinching eye for detail, the workmanship of Tender Co. garments is unmatched.