LVC 1966 501—Rigid Cone Mills 12 ounce Red Selvage

The Levi's 501 Jean is the most iconic jean in history. Nearly every pair of jeans ever made is based roughly on the 501. Yet, the jean has seen many iterations over time.

This 501 is based on the 1966 model. Up until 1966, Levi's always had the "scratched furniture" probelm due to the rear pocket rivets. The hidden rivets (started in 1938) were meant to solve this, but after time the rivets would wear through, and the problem persisted. By 1966, technology had improved, and Levi's started using bar tacks instead of copper rivets, which maintained the structural integrity of the pocket while saving furniture. The fit was altered as well, being made wider than the previous 1854, but maintaining the taper.

These jeans feature the iconic red tab, a button fly, two back pockets with bar tacks instead of rivets, and a "Two-Horse" patch. 

Made in USA.
100% Cotton

Model is 6'2" and 175 pounds. Wearing size 32x36.