Tender Calf Socks—Green Khaki

These socks from Tender are corespun of natural cotton. They are then hand-linked, a painstaking process in which each stitch of the two sides of the sock are woven together—leaving  the socks seamless and comfortable.

The socks will mold to fit your foot as they are worn, and shrink slightly on the first wash.

They are dyed with natural khaki, derived from the Mazari Palm, which first entered use by the British during the occupation of Inida. The dye can range from the traditional tan that is generally associated with the term khaki, to a rich green. To achieve this color, Tender mixed in fermented indigo and turmeric.

A note from Tender: "As with all natural dyes, true khaki gives a more subtle colour than modern synthetic dyes, and any inconsistencies, irregularities, or fading are a desirable characteristic."

Made and Dyed in England
100% Cotton