Wide Rib Barnacle Neck Pullover 751 - Shetland Wool Blind Fairisle - Thicket Green

$ 260 $ 419

Tender's Wide Rib Barnacle Neck Pullover is knit from a traditional Shetland yarn, using a blind (one color) Fair Isle Stitch, reversed so that the floats show on the outside, resulting in a smooth texture inside the garment.

Shetland yarn, named for the Scottish islands where it was first produced, is a woolen yarn spun from fibers of several similar dyed shades. It results in a more nuanced color than a single-color spun yarn. Fair Isle Stitch is a knitting technique used to double the front and the back of the fabric. Fair Isle garments typically use two or more contrasting yarn colors to produce a visible pattern on the surface—this Blind Fair Isle fabric is knitted using a single color of Shetland yarn for front and back.

  • Hand framed and hand finished
  • Traditional crew neck sweater
  • 100% Wool
  • Made in Scotland