Cotton Rib Socks - Prussian Blue

$ 38

Knitted and hand linked in England, Tender's Cotton rib Socks are crafted from an unbleached cotton yarn, with nylon added for durability. Left in their "unborn" state, the socks will shrink with their first wash. These socks are knit as a long, continuous tube, then cut apart into individual socks, with the toe hand linked.

These socks are dyed with Prussian Blue, which is derived from an iron salt, and gives an intense, slightly red-caste blue. Prussian blue was discovered in around 1704 in Berlin, by the chemist Johann Jacob Diesbach. Prior to this, blues obtained from woad and indigo were susceptible to fading in bright light, and were unstable as pigments, so could not be used reliably for painting or printing.

  • Hand linked socks
  • Prussian Blue dyed
  • Natural dyed; color may transfer. Expect fading.
  • Made in England