Yuketen Maine Guide Oxford—Flesh-Out Olive

The Maine guide Oxford from Yuketen is inspired by the classic American Guide boot—footwear that came into being from the melding of European cordwaining and traditional Native American moccasin making techniques. They are meticulously hand-crafted in Yuketen’s Maine factory using US tanned flesh-out leather. This leather differs from suede as the grain side is left intact, resulting in a strength and longevity not found in suede.

The Maine Guide Oxfords are hand-sewn and hand-lasted using multiple pieces of leather to ensure a shoe that has an incredibly comfortable and molded fit. A full leather insole sits above Yuketen’s distinctive midsole, eight layers of rubber and leather that is air-dried in a 90 day long process.  A steel shank is used to create a stable bridge between the arch and the heel. This creates an ergonomic shape that distributes weight evenly across the foot, for improved comfort and reduced foot-fatigue. Finally, a replaceable, oil resisting soft Vibram Christy sole is used to finish these incredibly well constructed, long-lasting shoes with unmatched comfort.

Handmade in USA
100% Leather