A Gitman Vintage oxford shirt is as easy and wearable as it gets. As a daily staple, the slim fit and classic colors make it the easiest thing to wear in your closet, easily paired with everything from faded pair of selvage denim to a sharply tailored jacket. The oxford fabric is tough enough to gracefully withstand the heavy use, developing a lived-in look and feel as the material softens. But, there is much more to the Gitman brand. These classic American shirts can take you through every season—lightweight chambray and poplin for the hot, muggy summer days and soft, warm flannels that are perfect for layering or wearing alone during fall and winter. Gitman’s vision encompasses nearly every tone, as well. The brand’s archive plaids are distinctive but subdued, while its spectacular patterns are playful and outgoing. Although Gitman makes an array of shirts for nearly every occasion, they all feature the same fit, construction, and design details that make the brand as relevant today as it was in 1978.