S5000VXII Model "Zero" 17oz Selvedge Denim - Regular Straight

$ 335

Featuring a full leg and mid-rise, Samurai's S5000VXII cut is balanced between "slim" and "wide" straight jeans—a timeless jean that can be worn any number of ways. This style is constructed from their "Zero" series denim, a 17 ounce fabric crafted from rough textured and slubby #5 yarn (#5 being a fairly thick yarn). The use of the #5 yarn contributes to the unique hand of the fabric, being almost "crisp" to the touch, but also allowing for high-contrast fades as the jean ages.

This is an unsanforized jean that has been washed once to remove most of the shrinkage from the fabric. We suggest taking one to two sizes up from your normal size.

  • Contemporary straight fit, mid-rise top block, neither too slim or too wide
  • 17oz Japanese selvedge denim, Samurai's Model "Zero" Fabric
  • Iron pine tree buttons
  • Copper coin-shaped rivets
  • Hidden rivets
  • Exclusive leather patch
  • One wash—expect minimal shrinkage with cold wash and hang dry
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Japan