Cotton Rib Socks - Yellow Ochre

$ 35

Knitted and hand linked in England, Tender's Cotton rib Socks are crafted from an unbleached cotton yarn, with nylon added for durability. Left in their "unborn" state, the socks will shrink with their first wash. These socks are knit as a long, continuous tube, then cut apart into individual socks, with the toe hand linked.

These socks are dyed with Yellow Ochre, or limonite (for its lemon-yellow colour), a naturally occurring iron ore, which was used as a pigment in Neolithic cave paintings, particularly in Africa, dating to approximately 25000 BCE. Limonite has been mined for the production of iron for at least 4500 years, and more recently was discovered to be an indicator of gold seams.

  • Hand linked socks
  • Yellow Ochre dyed
  • Natural dyed; color may transfer. Expect fading.
  • Made in England